20 September, 2012

J's Enjoyment!!!!

This has now become a regular habit in our house!!! J loves to play with things (whatever comes his way ... be it clothes, his toys whatever!!!!!

And finally the destination will be Fans or Tubes or Speakers ... Anywhere!!!

Note: I dont find something, just need to ask J and he will show the hideout :)

Stiching Kit on the Fan :)

Clothes on the Wire :)

30 August, 2012

Our Onam Sadya .... Stomach Full!!!!

Our Onam Sadya ... Hats off to my Mom for this preparation! We had all together 18 - 19 items .... Not Bad at all!!!!

Uncle Having his share. We did this for them as they just arrived from America, after their visit!!!

We invited another Uncle of our's as his family was on leave  

29 August, 2012

Onam Sadya

Sadya in Malayalam relates to Buffet. This is nothing but the feast of Kerala. It is a vegetarian meal which is always served on a banana leaf. People are seated cross legged on the floor and the various dishes are served on the leaf.

It can have about 24 – 28 dishes and all will be served in a single course.
The main dish is rice which is served with other dishes called as Kootan (Malayalam). It includes various dishes like parippu, Sambar, rasam, pulisseri, kaalan, avial, thoran, olan,pachadi, mango achar ,naranga curry, as well as papadum, banana, plain yogurt or buttermilk, and plantain chips.

The dessert is called Payasam which is served at the end of the meal.

Usually My mom prepares Ada Pradhaman which is generally a big hit in our family!
So this evening – I look forward to have Onam Sadya with my family J

My previous listing on Onam, please visit Onam1 & Onam 2

Happy Onam to All - 29/08/2012

Wish you all a Happy Onam 2012 :)

26 August, 2012

RIP Neil Armstrong, First Man On The Moon!!!

Neil Armstrong, commander of Apollo 11 and the first man to ever set foot on the moon, died to yesterday at age 82 due to complications from his heart surgery three weeks prior.

More info, please refer [Link]

Visit to Abu Dhabi - Traning!!!!

Recently Underwent a Training in Abu Dhabi for the Instrumentation Tube Fittings & it was a real good exposure for me !!!!

Stayed @ Hilton Hotel!!! Had a real good stay!!!!

I got to see my Sis In Law & her family :)

Few pics as below:

View next to our Office :)